If so, let's join us in the "RevvVirtualChallenge#2: Sublime SubRun (RVC#2)" to re-ignite your passion for running and train with a purpose to become stronger, fitter, and a better runner. The Challenge: If the participant can meet the conditions below, he/she is entitled to the sublime memorabilia specially designed to glorify the accomplishment. Sub 1 : Running 10.5k under 1 hour (RVC#2S1) Sub 2 : Running 21k under 2 hours (RVC#2S2) Sub 4 : Running 42.195k under 4 hours (RVC#2S4)hicula dolor. Integer pellentesque ipsum ut turpis ultrices, nec interdum lorem bibendum. Quisque blanditurnapurus, sed sagittis eros lobortis sit amet.

The Memorabilia: Running a sub 1, sub 2, or sub 4 are not easy feats. They represent growth and mark significant milestones in every runner’s life. Hence, we do not want it to be just another piece of metal chucked in a box and never been seen again. It has to be fun, functional, memorable, and meaningful. More importantly, it must be something tha

t can be shown to the world that you have done something great. The memorabilia for each challenge is multi-purpose. And as we know how much most fellow runners love beers, all the memorabilia can be used to pop open any bottle with crown caps. On top of that, we also have sparkles decorated on the memorabilia with each one representing the number of kilometer run corresponding to the challenges.

If you are interested to register for more than 1 challenge, we offer THB50 and THB150 discount for 2 and 3 challenges respectively. Please note that the discount is only applied when registration is processed together for the participant him/herself and that the shipping address is the same. Entitlement to goodies and memorabilia are not transferable.

The goodies will be sent after registration and the memorabilia will only be sent after a valid result has been sent to us. The address for shipping will be the one indicated during registration.

Please send to us the official result from any race you have participated after the registration before 31 December 2018. This could be the link to or screenshots from the official site. Please submit the result and order no. to Please contact Line id : @Revv for more questions.